Welcome to WPastronaut

May 18, 2019

All stories need to start somewhere. First the story starts with a word and when coupled with some other words that word morphs into a sentence. Soon enough you’ll start to see how paragraphs fill an empty page and starts to form patterns. One page becomes two, two becomes twenty and soon you’ll find yourself hooked into the process of writing. That’s how stories usually start.

I believe no author truly knows if the story is going to be any good or even worth writing when they start to write it. Of course they might have an idea, even a good one, yet only time can tell what happens if the author starts to sculpt that idea into reality and decides to share it with others after finishing it.

Today marks the first chapter of the story of this website. A dream of mine: a better way to share knowledge and solutions on common WordPress development related problems. The Laracast and CSS-Tricks of WordPress aimed for freelancers and agencies who want to build their WordPress websites from the scratch.

This blog

My plan is to build WPastronaut of two things: blog posts and video courses. First I’m going to fill this blog section with handy snippets and articles on how to solve smaller (but still frustrating and time consuming) WordPress dev problems.

You can think most of my future articles as well researched versions of a StackOverflow answers. Where you can confidently copy and paste the solution and be confident that the solution I’ve provided wasn’t the first one that came into my mind. And that I’ll try to keep the solutions up to date when I’ve found an improved way to do something or something just doesn’t work any more.

The courses section

I’m planning to release the courses section later this year. That’s where you’re going to be able to find video tutorials on how to solve more complex problems and how to improve your WordPress development workflow in general. For example courses on how to build your custom data importers with WP-CLI and how to build your own starter theme. If you’re interested on the launch of the courses section you can subscribe to the newsletter or follow @WPastronaut on Twitter.

Now it’s time to roll up sleeves and see what kind of a story is going to form when I start to flesh out this vision into reality.

Welcome to WPastronaut.