Privacy Policy

We process your personal data under the conditions of the GDPR. We also take into account the current Personal Data Act (523/1999) and any effective data protection legislation. This Privacy Policy may be updated, so please check this policy regularly on our website for updates. We’ll inform our registered users in case we’re changing something major in this Privacy Policy.

Last updated: 2020-07-01

1. Registrar

Contact information

WPastronaut (Bluesalo Oy)
Finnish business ID: 1234567-5

2. What kind of data you’re collecting?

We may collect the following data:

  • Personal information, e.g. name, nickname, email address, website, biographical info, profile picture, Facebook profile url, Twitter profile url and course related information such as enrolled courses, course progress etc.
  • Email tracking information e.g. opens, link clicks and geolocation and email client information if you’ve given consent while subscribing to our newsletter
  • Comments and comment related data e.g. name, email, website, ip-address, user agent (browser and os), upvotes and email subscription information
  • Server logs, e.g. user IP address to protect our servers from illegal activities
  • Website analytics data
  • Marketing permissions, subscriber data of newsletters and equivalents

3. How you use my personal data?

We may use your personal data for:

  • Marketing
  • To provide you personal service
  • To enhance and develop our services
  • Statistic purposes

4. How do you store and secure my data

  • We handle your personal data according to the GDPR requirements.
  • We use several 3rd party services to run our business practices. We hand over only the necessary data into 3rd party services we’re using. You can read more about the services we’re using and their privacy policies from below.
  • We anonymize and pseudonymize the data when possible.
  • We might also hand over some of your data to Finnish or EU authorities if the authority makes a data request subject to Finnish or EU acts of law. We’ll inform the user or customer about such data request if current acts of law doesn’t prevent it.

Spam protection

We use hCaptcha to prevent spam registrations, comments etc. They’re an GDPR compliant and privacy respecting alternative to Google’s reCAPTCHA. You can see their terms here and their privacy policy here.


We use wpDiscuz to handle comments of this website. It is an add-on for the default WordPress comment function. All the comments stays on the same server as this website.

Email marketing

For email marketing purposes we use a GDPR compilant 3rd party service called Campaign Monitor. Campaign Monitor may store the data to servers outside European Union. You can read more about their security practices here and about their GDPR compilancy here.

Transactional emails

We use Mailgun for transactional emails (the emails sent by this website). We’re using the EU region of Mailgun, so the data stays in European Union. You can read more about their GDPR policy here and privacy policy here.


We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous browsing data for development and marketing purposes. Google may store the data to the servers outside European Union. You can read more about their privacy policy here.

If you wish to opt out from Google Analytics, see the instructions written under the point #8.

Web server

This website runs on DigitalOcean, which is a really widely used GDPR compliant virtual server provider (privacy policy here). Server management is handled with SpinupWP (privacy policy here). They both have an access to the server. The server logs IP addresses of the users for abuse prevention purposes.

Domain DNS is handled by Amazon Web Services Route 53. They might save some access logs for abuse prevention. You can read more about their security practices here and about their GDPR compliancy here.

5. How long you’ll store my data?

We’re storing your data only a needed time to fulfill use cases stated in this Privacy Policy. Some data might be also stored longer if Finnish or EU acts of law are requiring so. For example to fulfill our liability for bokkeepping or our law based seller’s responsibilities.

6. What are my rights?

You have rights to:

  • Get an access to the data we’re collecting of you
  • Ask for a copy of the data we’re collecting of you
  • Ask for your data to be updated or corrected
  • Ask, subject to certain conditions, us to limit or withhold the processing of your personal data

You also have the right to cancel your consent if the data processing is based on a separate contract or consent. Please note that this doesn’t affect the legality of the data processing during the time before the consent cancellation.

You can do the request for execution of these rights by contacting the registrant. You should provide enough information so we can be sure of your identity. We’ll also let you know if we cannot fulfill some or all parts of your request based on our liability to fulfill Finnish and EU acts of law.

You have right to be in contact with data protection authority if you notice that we’re handling your personal information inadequately or illegitimately.

7. How do I get the copy of my personal data?

You can ask your data by sending an email to

8. Do you use tracking cookies in this website?

Yes. We use Google Analytics to track our visitors anonymously. We use that data to make this website better.

If you wish to opt-out from getting tracked anonymously by Google Analytics, you can do it by following these instructions.

9. How can I get more information on your privacy policy?

Please send your questions to .